Fadal Engineering, a Michigan-based manufacturer, has launched a new Fadal line of CNC vertical machining centers and horizontal turning centers. Fadal manufactures at their plant in Brea, California, and sells through a local distributor network.​

Fadal Support
Downtime is something no machine shop can afford. At Fadal, we understand your success and productivity depends on making parts. All Fadal dealers provide installation, service and training on a local basis. Fadal and their distributors want to keep your machines up and running. Because our Fadal dealer technicians are local, they can typically be on your site within 24 hours when needed. This results in faster response times at a lower cost."

VMC-2520 Vertical Machining Center with Cross Roller Ways


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VMC-6030 Vertical Machining Center with Box Ways

F11-10 CNC Lathes with Box Ways
6", 8 ", 10" and 12" chucks

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