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Die Sinker ZNC Series

Hole Popper ZNC Series

SP Series Wire EDM Machine

AccuteX EDM is known worldwide for its high quality user-friendly machines. This well-built economical system is stronger, faster, and simpler than its competition because it features:

  • Windows CE Control features full color, 15"" touch screen display and remote pendant and mouse for simpler data input
  • Rigid and heavily ribbed Meehanite casting with reinforced water-cooled lower arm made from high-strength alloy for maximum stiffness
  • High-performance auto wire threading at breakpoint in less than 10 seconds spark to spark
  • 6-axis EDM control with 5 axis simultaneous interpolation for aerospace and medical-class operating performance

AccuteX EDM offers three series, SP (Submersed), AX (Submersed with Fixed Beds/Traveling Columns), and SP (Non-Submersed). The SP Series is a rigid T-base design that ensures work is fully supported. The AX Series is a traveling column and fixed bed design with heavy-duty Meehanite casting that handles the heaviest of work-pieces. The SP Series Wire EDM cross table flush machine offers high precision with simplified wire handling. 

AccuteX EDM 


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